How a Spring Works


Spring design assistance

Looking for a custom spring manufacturer? Probably not. But you should be glad they exist. Did you know that mechanical energy is stored in an elastic spring device? There are most likely a lot of things you don’t know about springs. Springs are used in mattress, toys, digital products, medical equipment and more! There are compression springs, catheter springs, torsion springs, mattress springs. Springs are made from an elastic material which is formulated from steel alloys and certain types of plastic. Custom springs can be made for many products. Especially in the medical field. A custom spring manufacturer has to make all of the specialized medical springs. Between 2009-2014, medical device manufacturing grew by 3.6% in the US. No doubt, partially from the medical springs that were needed. Springs are even in cars. If you didn’t have springs your car would be bouncing all over the place. Every ride would be a bumpy ride and an uncomfortable ride. In the 18th century, the first steel spring was a single flat plate that was put in carriages by the French. The first spring ever invented in the US dates back to 1857 when it was patented for use in a chair. Springs are all around and in every day technology making your life easier.Your computer, your trampoline, your camera, your CD player (if you still have one.)

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