How Companies Utilize Digital Display Stands

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It’s wise to utilize advertising displays in order to sell your company’s products. Numerous studies have found that merchandise with signage outsold products without a sign by 20%. However, you might be looking for something that standard display racks and pamphlet holders aren’t able to offer. Considering that, you might want to think about including digital display stands in your retail locations. In this post, you’ll learn how companies are using modern digital display stands to their advantage.

How Far Digital Display Stands Have Come

While digital signage isn’t new, it certainly has improved throughout the past few decades. During the 1990s, digital signs were bulky items that didn’t offer many features. In most cases, these signs were nothing more than physical stands hooked up to older televisions. Considering that, these early forms of digital signage didn’t offer much interactivity for customers.

Using Modern Types of Digital Signage

Research shows that consumers make about 82% of their purchase decisions while inside a store. With that in mind, many companies are utilizing digital display stands to persuade customers to purchase their products. However, you might need help deciding which type of digital display strategy to choose. Here are a few notable examples of companies effectively using digital display stands.

Creating Interactive Mirrors

Including traditional mirrors in your store are great ways for customers to see how items fit. However, many retailers are including interactive mirrors in their respective stores. These mirrors allow customers to see how they look while wearing a new article of clothing. In addition, interactive mirrors can give customers more information about said product. This helps customers obtain valuable information without having to flag down the nearest employee.

Helping Customers Find Similar Products

Every business owner wants customers to purchase as many products as possible. In turn, this helps a company achieve larger amounts of revenue. If you want to achieve this goal, utilize digital display stands to create a better customer experience. For example, many large pharmacy chains utilize these stands to provide information on a wide range of products. If a customer is using this stand to learn about a brand or product, this device is instantly able to recommend other items they might be interested in. You can also encourage customers to spend more by purchasing digital displays stands that print coupons and other types of special offers.

In closing, it’s important to understand how digital signage benefits your company. Research shows that consumers are exposed to almost 3,000 ads and other types of promotional messages per day. By utilizing digital displays, you’re able to offer a level of interactivity that other types of advertising can’t match. If you’re needing store display ideas, it’s wise to partner with a company that offers digital advertising solutions. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with someone who understands your company. After this, you can begin ordering and installing digital displays that your customers will enjoy.

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