How Custom Packaging Can Separate Your Business From The Competition

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Picture yourself in your neighborhood grocery store. Now picture yourself in the candy aisle. Odds are you’re looking at hundreds of items as you stare at all the different chocolates and candies, trying to figure out which one you want to buy.

As you look at all those different chocolate candy bags, whether it’s MandMs or Snickers or Kit Kat, stop and think for a second about why you’re buying what you’re buying. Of course you’re buying your favorite snacks for the taste, but why else are you buying them? Does the packaging on those chocolate candy bags catch your eye? Do you trust those brands since you’ve likely bought them before?

The answer is likely a combination of both and when it comes to packaging, whether you’re talking about chocolate candy bags or pet treats or some other items, familiarity matters. If customers come to trust a product or a brand, it’s likely in part due to the packaging.

Going back to candy, thinking about all the people you may see in a store on an average day buying MandMs. With a lot of flavors, MandMs have a lot to offer, but their popularity is also due to their packaging. People can easily identify MandMs on the candy rack and throw them in the cart.

If you’ve got your own business—maybe a coffee shop or a pet supply store—you might be wondering, how do I get customers to notice my products? Two words: custom packaging. Here are several ways your business can benefit from custom packaging:

  • Cultivating trust: You might not think so, but people do take time to look at food packaging and read labels in the store. Almost two in three Americans (62%) read food labels and having your own custom printed bags and bag labels will not only make your wares more appealing, but customers will come to trust your products when they can pick something up, read the label and know exactly what ingredients are in the things you’re selling.
    Eighty five percent of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping. That means your packaging has to make an impression. Professional packaging and bag labels that list a product’s name and ingredients can tell customers everything they need to know when they pick up your product.
  • Standing out: A 2016 study by West Rock Consumer Insights revealed that 66% of customers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye. If you can create packaging that’s professional, people will notice. Well-known brands are well-known for a reason.
    Think about MandMs again. Not only are their marketing campaigns catchy, but their packaging is effective. They’ve got different colored packaging for each flavor, so people can easily identify which flavor is which very quickly.
    So what does the mean for your business? It means that creative custom packaging can catch someone’s attention. Customers trust well-established companies and it has a lot to do with the familiarity of their product labels. These days, it’s very easy to create your own custom logos to put on all your products and make them stand out.
  • Customization: Another great thing about customized packaging and labels is just that: the ability to customize. Whether you need chocolate candy bags, clothing boxes or small bags for pet treats, you can get whatever you need to store your wares.
    Not only can you store products, but customization allows you to be creative when it comes to packaging. You can do what MandMs does and create different colored packaging for items that are similar but might be different in flavor like candies or spices. You can have printed coffee bags or dog food packaging boxes with your logo on them. The sky is the limit on what you can do and the more creative you are, the more customers will take notice.

People spend billions of dollars every year on all kinds of products and companies that pay close attention to packaging have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest. With your own custom packaging and labels, you can make your business stand out from the competition and increase interest in your products.

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