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How LED Marquees Can Improve Communication for Your School

One of the biggest challenges for school administrators is making sure that everyone is on the same page. Staying in good communication with students, staff, and other administrators can be difficult. Not everyone at the school may be around to hear announcements, and some students or staff may be absent on certain days so they aren’t able to stay updated with the school information.

A school marquee is a great way to make sure that your school is communicating important information to everyone. Because an LED school marquee is located right outside the building, anyone and everyone on their way into the school will be able to see any essential messages that you need to communicate. This includes anything from snow days to parent-teacher conferences to school dances.

In addition to ensuring clear communication between administrators, staff, and students, an LED school marquee is also a great way to boost student camaraderie and event participation. After all, students aren’t likely to attend an event when they don’t know that the event is happening. Additionally, if any information changes abruptly about those events, you can quickly and efficiently let students, staff, and other administrators know in advance.

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