Making Use of Outdoor Signs Can Help Businesses Stay Connected to Customers

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Prayer B4 worry.

Gateway to heaven 27.

Thee and me 23.

Your drive to work includes two very different church marquee signs. And while reading the messages, often inspiring and uplifting, has become a habit of the drive, it took you a couple of days to notice the outdoor church signs closed to your house were just a little bit different. By day number four, however, you realized that these numbers were actually Bingo calls. The coming of age 18 was the clue that made you realize what was really going on and talking to neighbors that night you realized that several of the people on the block had already downloaded a card from the church’s website and were joining in the fun. One neighbor even confessed that as a result of the signs last week he had checked out the online Sunday service and that he thought he might be doing it again this weekend.

Signs for Churches, Schools, and Government Buildings Take on New Meaning During the Pandemic

Whether it is to remind the public of food pantry hours at a church or extra no class days at a school, Covid 19 has changed the ways that many places are using the GSA LED sign designs on their buildings. And while traffic in the past may have been so heavy that many drivers did not notice some of these signs, today that may not be the case. With fewer cars on the road there are many drivers who are enjoying a very different commute to work during the pandemic. These less hectic drives, of course, are one of the few benefits of an economy that has slowed, and sometimes screeched to a halt, in many business sectors.

As online purchases and ordering become more common, of course, it has also been more important for places like grocery stores and restaurants to reconfigure their parking lots to accommodate more cars and fewer indoor patrons. As a result, there are now new GSA LED sign designs that direct people to where they should go to most efficiently get the items tat they have ordered.

It probably should come as no surprise that even before the pandemic signage for businesses matter. In fact, 68% of poll respondents indicated in the past that they frequently or sometimes made their shopping decisions while in the car. And as people are less mobile and staying home more these GSA LED sign designs that may have only served as an extra marker in the past have now helped consumers connect to new businesses as they adjust to new normals. Eating from home more often, for example, often means that once or twice weekly take out food nights have started to include restaurants and locally owned cafes that for the first time. Driving into a new areas of town, the glowing GSA LED sign design is a welcome marker that the food will soon be in your hands.

Even if you are fortunate and are one of the business owners who has managed to easily survive the challenges of the pandemic, you may find that making a change to the signs on your building will make a difference. In fact, the latest marketing research indicates that adding or changing a sign directly improve sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign, in comparisons, increases revenue by 7.7%.

Commercial businesses, schools, churches, and government offices have had to change what they do to connect to customers, students, congregation members, and others during the pandemic. Fortunately, there are many indications that some businesses and groups are still finding a way to successfully go about their business or provide services. Churches, of course, face a unique challenge as many have found that meeting in person is just not in the best interest of the health of the community. Finding a way to stay connected to parishioners and congregational members has been a challenge, but many religious groups have found that meeting online and using building signs to keep a community informed helps.

The next time you make your way to work it might be worth your time to check out the changing signs of the times.

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