How LED Signs Can Raise Local Brand Awareness

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When you drive down the road, you are probably only partially aware of all of the signs you see along the way to your destination. You briefly read them, paying attention to the road, not really thinking about the sign and its benefit. You continue driving, reaching your destination and the sign is out of your mind. Or, is it? Later that day, a friend asks you for the location of a specific business, and you recite the cross roads and the side of the road it is on. You wonder how you know about that business, when you have never even been there before. You realize you have become aware of their marquee signs facing the road. You have learned that the business is nearby and you will visit it when you require the services of that specific business. Marquee signs can be very beneficial for many types of businesses and they can provide brand awareness to potential customers who are already nearby.
35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. People pay attention when they are driving down the road, taking in signs and what message they are pushing out. The marquee signs might simply be the name of the business, or it might include contact information or specific information about the type of services that the business provides. Digital signs for business are unique, because the digital and LED signs are better are catching potential customers attention. Their eyes are drawn to the flashing lights or full color LED signs on the road, and the business have potential new customers.

Another great benefit of using marquee signs as a marketing plan is that it can easily be changed. If you have had the same sign for many years, nearby people will notice when you change it. This will force potential customers to reevaluate and it will remind them of your business. Studies show that adding or changing a sign directly improves sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%. The larger the sign, the better. Some people may have difficulty seeing the marquee signs from the road and they should be as large as possible.

Marquee signs are beneficial for all types of businesses, even ones you might not have thought of. Churches rely on the amount of church members in a community. Oftentimes, churches are competing with other local churches for its members. A church marquee not only provides awareness that your church is there, but that you are up to date and creative. You will gain all types of members, including younger generations that can help your church move into the future. Electric business signs can also be used for schools. Although school enrollment is generally decided on the child?s location, some schools like private schools may rely on local children whose parents wish to send them to a specific school. The marquee signs can provide awareness of the location and the existence of a specific school.

Additionally, the marquee signs can also be used to pinpoint specific locations of events, such as sporting events, fundraising events and parent teacher meetings. 85% of a business?s customers live or work within a 5 mile radius of its location. Marquee signs provide awareness of the existence of a specific business that is within that radius.

There are many benefits to large LED marquee signs for a business. With so many of a business?s customers living in just a few short miles of the business, marketing efforts need to be aimed at local residents. LED signs force potential customers to notice the business and to remember it later on, when the business?s specific services or products are needed. LED signs also remind customers of a local business, once the sign is replaced or changed to appear larger.

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