How Switching To Electronic Mailing And Billing Services Benefits You

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Have you ever used electronic mailing services or billing services? Whether you are considering making the switch personally from print to electronic or your company is considering making the switch, there are a multitude of reasons why this transition is beneficial to you and the environment. You may be concerned about how making this switch will interfere with the systems you have set in place after years of traditional methods for paying bills and and using print and mail services. Once you read how the pros outweigh the cons, you will be convinced this switch is a positive one to make.

Keep reading to find out why millions are transitioning from using print mailing services and billing services to using electronic billing services and mailing services.

One of the most obvious reasons traditional mailing and billing services are going away is the impact they have on the environment. Every year, there are millions of pounds of paper wasted on mail, printing documents, bilis, invoices and a variety of other paper items. When you look at the statistics, it shows that there can be savings of around 151 million pounds of paper if only 20 percent of households made the switch. That means only one-fifth of those living in the United States would need to stop traditional printing and transition to electronic billing and mailing services to spare so much wasted paper every year.

Another benefit directly relates to consumers and businesses interested in making the switch. If you go ahead and commit, you are looking at savings with every billing statement that is electronic instead of printed. In fact, you will save 11.5 cents every time you avoid printing paper. This is of extreme benefit to companies, organizations and businesses who deal frequently with billing statements and other financial documents.

You will save money in other ways, as well. For instance, there are a multitude of other office items that are no longer necessary when you do not need to worry about printing. You can get rid of some of these and stop ordering refills and replacements for others like equipment, toner, ribbons and meter ink. Not to mention, you will cut costs on all the maintenance and servicing this equipment needs over the years.

If you or your company makes the switch, you can expect to complete tasks quicker than normal. For example, usually you would have to wait for your different bills to arrive in the mail to pay them. As a company, you would have to wait for the client to receive the bill to pay it. With electronic billing and mailing services, this is no longer an issue. It is automatically a quicker way to get a bill payment from consumers. Statistics show that the time can be cut down to only 1-3 days instead of longer.

You might not be convinced that consumers would actually pay their bills quicker just because they received them electronically. A recent study shows that the majority of consumers do in fact make payments sooner with online billing. Before a traditional bill would have even arrived, the majority already paid. Around 20 percent paid the same day whereas with traditional billing, the bill may not be completed for a couple of days. When the company receives the money quicker, it also speeds up the process of tracking how much money is coming in versus what the company’s expenses are. Anytime a process takes less time to complete means the company is saving more money in the long run.

For businesses specifically, this type of billing can also help with customer service issues. There is more reliability with electronic billing services which helps with customer frustrations and questions.

Have you already made the switch from traditional billing billing services and mailing services to electronic billing services and mailing services? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on how this impacts the environment and how it benefits you personally or your company.

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