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Finding the right salesperson can be more difficult than hiring any other person. Companies want to make sure that they have the energy and enthusiasm to be successful, but also that they have the professionalism to fit into corporate culture. Many companies outsource their hiring to sales recruitment firms, where experienced interviewers can match job candidates to the companies that will benefit most from their individual skills. If you find yourself applying to sales recruiting firms, you may have some concerns about how the interview will go. Knowing ahead of time common questions the sales recruiter might ask will help you prepare.

One of the most common questions asked in any interview is what you know about the company. No matter what company you are interviewing for, take the time to do some research. Visit the company website, and read up on their core values. If you are unfamiliar with the industry, research that as well. By demonstrating that you know about the industry and company, you will show that you are interested in the job and aren’t just looking for a paycheck.

Another question interviewers may ask is how you handle miscommunication. As a salesperson, you will come across times where the customer understands the situation in a totally different manner than the salesperson presented it. Having the patience to work out the misunderstanding in a calm and efficient manner is important, because it shows you care about your work and about the customers.

A question asked almost exclusively to salespeople is whether they prefer finding new customers or working to improve the relationship with old ones. Both answers are perfectly valid, and should reflect your comfort level and particular selling style. If you like giving people a quick summary to hook them on your idea or interest them in your product, then having someone else handle the details, don’t lie and say you prefer to work with a customer from start to finish. All that will accomplish is getting you into a job you don’t enjoy. Answering honestly will help the sales recruiting firms figure out with which company you will work best.

Sales recruiting firms are there to help salespeople find jobs and jobs find salespeople. Don’t stress yourself out going into an interview with a sales recruiter, because they are there to help you just as much as they are helping the companies. If you are friendly, professional, and arrive prepared, there is no reason to leave the sales recruitment agency without a lead on a new job.

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