How to Find a Lucrative Temp Position


It can be said that a company’s most important assets is its employees, the people who work there, rather than the company’s computers or marketing campaign or private jets. Motivated, skilled, and competent employees can do a lot of good to move a company forward, while mismatched, harassed, or stressed employees may soon quit and look for work elsewhere. If employees are often quitting, this can lead to high employee turnover rates, which is something that every manager dreads. Low employee retention rates mean a lot of gaps in productivity and expenses associated with employees quitting. All together, American businesses lose billions of dollars per year due to employee retention issues, and many company managers or HR department heads report employee retention being their main concern. Nearly 57% of organizations overall say that they view employee retention as a problem.

But there are countermeasures against this. Job agencies such as regular staffing agencies or temp agencies can help a client company find the best possible candidates for a job, and job placement agencies and their work can thus help lower employee turnover rates. If the most motivated, qualified, and skilled workers are found for a job, they are more likely to stay in that position longer. This ranges from executive manager positions all the way down to temp positions. Newer workers fresh out of college may wonder “how to find a temp position?” The answer is: temp agencies. “How to find a temp position” can be settled when the labor of hiring a candidate is outsourced to temp agencies. How to find a temp position? With help, that’s how.

How To Find a Temp Position

Temp, or temporary, workers are a particular brand of employee, and they are something for hiring agencies and employers to take into consideration. These workers probably have limited experience and professional networking, and they tend to be younger workers. Some of them in fact may still be college students who are looking to get ahead and find work experience early on. Either way, “how to find a temp position” is something that a recent college grad may wonder. This young job seeker doesn’t have to go it alone.

What are the benefits of someone working a temp position? For the worker, a temp position, despite being temporary, is the main means of getting work experience and networking opportunities. Even the best business school students need real-world experience to move forward, and the skill development and networking opportunities at a workplace are healthy resume material. This can help a young job seeker get ahead and launch a lucrative career earlier than later, and they may get paid for their work. Employers, meanwhile, may appreciate temp workers because they may be easy to find and eager to work, and these young workers are paid less than the employees on the payroll. This makes temp workers convenient and cost-friendly on the manager’s part, and a temp worker may fill a role temporarily until a more experienced, older candidate is found. It may sound a bit cynical to some, but a temp worker is a fine way to fill a desk space until a more seasoned, permanent worker is found.

Job Agencies

In-house talent at a company is not always sufficient for finding the best candidates for a job opening. It is critical to find the best possible person for a job, a worker who is qualified and also motivated and comfortable in his or her position. Therefore, this essential work is typically outsourced to job agencies, who specialize in matching candidates with suitable job openings. A job seeker’s profile may include his or her educational background, their work experience (if any), special skills or awards, and their personal goals for their careers. Job agencies will work carefully to match these workers to the best possible positions for their clients, but job seekers are also partly responsible for the outcome. It should be noted that a candidate’s social media profile is likely to be examined and factored in as well. A candidate may have a tough time finding a job if their online presence involves disparaging previous employers or co-workers, or if their profile contains offensive material or evidence of past criminal behavior. A clean online presence help out greatly.

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