How To Find The Right Final Drive Motor For Your Bobcat

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If you need to replace your bobcat final drive travel motor, it’s important to be able to correctly identify the model that you need. Here are a couple ways to identify a few of the most common drive motors, so that you can easily pick them out, and conduct the replacement.

Bobcat Final Drive Travel Motor Models T140-T180-T190

The way to differentiate these final drive motors is by hydraulic ports, and sprocket bolts.

  • 5 Ports. If your bobcat final drive travel motor has 5 ports, you will be able to find the 5th port on the underside of the drive. There you will see a flat covering that is held in place by 24 bolts.
  • Regular Or Short. While looking for this 5th port, you will also want to take note of if the drive is a regular, or short nose drive. The regular should measure 6.5”, while a short nose measures 6.25”. While it may only be a quarter of an inch, this can mean the difference between ordering the correct or wrong final drive motor.
  • 4 Ports. There are two types of final drives that feature 4 ports, and the difference is in the sprockets. One features 6 sprocket bolts, while the other features 12. Knowing this is important for ensuring you select the proper drive motor.

Bobcat Final Drive Travel Motor Models T200-T250-T300-T320

With the drives for these models, the main difference is short and long nose types. The best way to differentiate these two is by measuring down from the top of the mounting flange to the sprocket flange. Short noses will measure around 5.5”, while long noses will be around 7”.

You can also differentiate the two by measuring the depth of the sprockets. A long nose should measure 6”, while a short should measure 4.5”. Using this information you can readily find the final drive motor you need for your specific bobcat model.

Finding The Correct Model

Being able to accurately identify model of drive motor that you need can make it easier to locate and purchase exactly what you need. If you need any additional assistance, speaking with a professional, and giving them what information you can from the above, they will be able to ascertain exactly what part your bobcat requires. All of this will ensure that your machine gets back up and running before you know it.

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