How to Improve Your Recycling Habits in 2015

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Reduce reuse recycle

The new year also brings new opportunities to be better to Planet Earth. If your New Year’s resolution is to be a better recycler, there are several ways you can go about it, and most of them take very little effort. Here’s what to recycle in the new year:

  • Recycle Snack and Sandwich Bags

    If you pack a lunch for school or work, it may be time to consider how much plastic you’re using every day. How many plastic snack bags do you go through in a week alone? Most people don’t realize that clean plastic bags can be recycled right along with your shopping bags. Aluminum foil can also be recycled, usually an unlimited amount of times. Of course the best option is not to produce waste at all: use Tupperware containers and reusable bottles for your lunch.
  • Recycle Electronics

    Recycling E waste is a key way to reduce your impact on the environment. If you have old laptops, smartphones, speakers or game systems, the last thing you should do is toss them in the trash. Find waste disposal companies that recycle electronics and bring them there. It’s much easier on the environment and you may even get a few bucks in return.
  • Recycle Printer Cartridges

    Recycling printer cartridges is just as important as plastic recycling, especially since the plastic used to make printer cartridges takes a long time to decompose. The leftover ink inside you cartridges can also seep into the ground and cause major environmental problems. Recycling your cartridges is often as easy as dropping them off at a participating office supply store or recycle center or sending them away to a cartridge recycling service. Most ordinary waste disposal companies won’t take cartridges for recycling so this may take some extra effort.

For the best advice, talk to local waste disposal companies and find out what they’re willing to recycle. More like this article.

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