How to Incorporate Drapes in Your Next Event

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Whether you’re an event planner, in the midst of planning a wedding, or simply want to update your home’s interior, drapes may end up being your secret weapon. There are many different types of drapes available to suit your needs, also. From satin drapes to cotton, silk, and more, drapes come in a variety of colors and patterns to give your wedding or next corporate event that extra flare you’re looking for.

Did you know that an estimated 2.4 million weddings take place in the U.S. every given year. Of those, the average amount a couple will spend for their big day is about $35,329, and about a third of all weddings will take place in a church or other type of religious institution. In nearly every wedding there is a decorating budget designed to help prepare a church or reception hall for the festivities. If you’re planning a wedding, adding wedding curtains and backdrops to the altar to white drapes for a wedding reception can transform a space from drape to glam in no time. Simply put, drapes, especially white satin drapes, are a quick and easy way to decorate the space for a wedding.

Drapes aren’t just for weddings, though. They’re a great way to accessorize a trade show booth for conferences or corporate events. Take trade shows, for example. Often times, trade show booths are stark and lack visual appeal. However, with the right backdrop poles, pole covers, and drapes, a trade show booth can transform into an eye-catching display that will attract visitors to your booth.

From an event planner’s perspective, utilizing drapes is a no brainer when you consider how many weddings, corporate conferences, and other events take place each year. For example, conferences make up about 62.4 percent of event event planners organize. Corporate events make up about 61.2 percent of events organizers plan.

Do you regularly plan weddings, conferences, or other events? Why not take advantage of drapes at your next event. From silk drapes to satin drapes and more, there are many types to choose from to make your next event a memorable one.

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