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Donating clothing to charity is something that can have a huge impact on the world as a whole. In fact, simply donating clothing to charity can be one way in which you give back to your community. Donating clothing to charity can also help the environment.

And not least of all, donating clothing to charity can actually help you as well. After all, many of have far too many articles of clothing. The data more than backs this up, showing that the average person living here in the United States is actually buying up to double the clothing that the average resident of the United States bought only just twenty year ago. And over the course of a single year, more than twenty billion articles of clothing will be consumed all throughout the country.

Decluttering your closet can make your life feel much easier and your living space much more streamlined than it previously was. But it can be difficult to know what articles of clothing should be given away and which you can justify holing onto instead. In many cases it comes down to the type of climate you live in as well as how frequently you are wearing your clothes.

In a part of the country where there are only one or two seasons, you should ideally be wearing each piece of clothing that you own at least once every six months, except for, perhaps, some of the more formal pieces in your closet that don’t make sense for everyday or even regular use. If you have not worn an article of clothing within that period of time or even longer, it is likely that it is time to say goodbye to it.

Donating clothing to charity is also recommended for any clothing you have that simply doesn’t fit you anymore. Weight gain and weight loss is normal over the course of time, as we all tend to gain a little weight with age and then work to lose it once we notice the number on the scale begin to creep up. But it doesn’t make sense to hold on to old clothes in the hopes that they will someday fit again. Instead, investing in new pieces in your new size is likely to boost your confidence far more – and the clothes that are now the wrong size can go to helping someone in need in the form of used clothing donations.

Donating your clothing is also incredibly helpful to the environment, as it has even been found that just by donating clothing to charity and making various charitable donations, up to two and a half billion pounds of fabric can be kept out of landfills all around the country each and ever year. And this number is only from about fifteen percent of all articles of clothing being donated – just think of what more donating clothing to charity could lead to!

And donating clothing to charity can also, of course, help people who are in need, as up to forty five percent of all used and donated clothing is actually directly worn by people. And even if your clothing is not in the condition where it can be worn again, very nearly one hundred percent of all textiles can be recycled in some way, shape, or form. But the value of charitable donations is vast when it comes to helping out the community in which you live, from veterans charities to your local American Red Cross center.

Charities for wounded soldiers have become particularly popular here in the United States, as it is not unexpected or even unheard of for a soldier that has been wounded to have a difficult time adjusting to life back in the civilian world – as well as needing to adjust to any permanent or long lasting consequences of their injuries. A purple heart donation can help such people – and their families – get back up on their feet, making such charities, in many ways, the best charities to donate to.

Donating what you can is hugely important for many reasons here in the United States, from giving back to your community to helping the environment.

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