How to Properly Re-Charge a Forklift Battery in Five Steps

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Re-charging a forklift battery correctly is essential for making sure the forklift battery life lasts as long as it should. This is why most warehouses’ battery charging rooms are one of the most integral parts of its day-to-day activities.

But if you’ve never dealt with forklift battery removal, handling or charging, the process may seem intimidating. While there are many hazards that come with forklift battery maintenance and charging, the process doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here is a simple, five-step guide to help you learn how to properly charge a forklift battery and ensure optimal battery life:

1. Wear protective gear: The first step of successfully charging a forklift battery is to put on the proper gear to keep you safe from injury and accident. Protective footwear are necessary, as a forklift battery extractor malfunction could result in a 2,000-pound battery falling on your feet. Also be sure to wear protective eyewear, an apron, facial protection and gloves, as these batteries contain harmful chemicals.

2. Check the voltage: Before charging the battery, you should check to make sure the battery’s voltage corresponds with that of the battery charger. In addition to this, check to see if the battery charger’s output Ampere Hour (AH) rating is within a 10% range of difference with the battery’s AH rating.

3. Examine the charger’s cables and connectors: The charger’s cables should be visibly in good condition, with no cracks or damage evident. Charging with damaged cables can result in a fire. You should also check the forklift battery extractor for any damage before using it.

4. Charge the battery: It’s important to charge the battery properly so its life lasts as long as possible. If more than 40% of the battery’s charge has been consumed at the end of a day, you need to give the battery a full eight-hour charge. In addition, you should never charge an individual battery more often than 300 times a year for five years.

5. Water the battery: A forklift battery must be watered after each full charge. Use distilled water free of minerals, and only fill the cell to the grid line. You should never water a battery that isn’t at a full charge. More research here.

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