How to Seal Self Lamination Pouches

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Currently, there is limited information online about how to use Scotch seal lamination pouches. The first step to sealing lamination pouches is to cut out the desired shape of your pouch from the laminate sheet. You can use any cutter that you like, including a rotary cutter.

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Cut off the excess laminate around the edges. Fold it in half, then fold again. Press down firmly with your fingers. Now you have the start of a nice-looking pouch!

The next step is to apply the adhesive tape to the backside of the pouch. It’s recommended to use 3M brand duct tape because it’s easy to peel off later. You can also use any other type of adhesive tape if you prefer. Just be sure to remove all air bubbles before applying the tape.

Applying some tape to the bottom part of the pouch will help prevent the pouch from getting wet when using a water-based inkjet printer. If you don’t want to do this, feel free to skip this step. However, if you plan to print on the back side of the pouch, you need to apply the tape to both sides. After doing this, you will have a finished and sealed pouch.

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