Important Characteristics of a Good Commercial Elevator

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Commercial elevator

If you are a business owner of a multi level building, you probably require the services of an elevator company. Commercial elevators are a necessity, so that people have the ability to go from one level to the next, with minimal effort. When you are planning the build of your business, ensure that you are choosing the best type of commercial elevator for your store needs. As there are many different types and brands of commercial elevators, you want to be sure that yours is the best.

Size of commercial elevator

The size of your elevator matters. People with disabilities and those with strollers will require the usage of your commercial elevator. If they are unable to fit their equipment into the elevator, not only are you likely losing a customer, but you could be in trouble for disregarding equality and accessibility laws. Depending on the city and state of your business, it is likely that there are minimum size regulations. Additionally, the commercial elevator may need to be even larger, if your store is larger or if it is the only elevator that is available.

The specific use of your commercial elevator will also factor into the size. While there may be regulations standardizing the size of your passenger elevator, it is possible that you will require additional elevators. There are five primary types of elevators that can vary in size and capacity, passenger, freight, LULA, home, and personnel. Most businesses will use a different elevator for deliveries and employee transportation to free up the passenger elevators for customers.

Reputation and size of company

You will also want to be careful who you choose for your commercial elevator installation. While most installation companies have experience in safe installation and elevator repairs, you also want a company that is large. If a problem occurs with your passenger elevators, you will want it fixed immediately, especially if there are customers in it. A smaller company usually means less man power, and longer repair wait times. Larger companies generally have more on call staff and correct problems in a much quicker manner.

Specific technology in the elevator

Elevators are machines that are made with technology. Just as other types of technology are continually improving, so are elevators. For example, your elevator safety company is likely to recommend an updated elevator with better safety features. Specific safety features might include power shut offs, better ability to communicate with technicians when a problem occurs, and more notifications of the elevator?s process. However, regardless of the type of elevator chosen, elevators do tend to be safer than other types of transportation. In fact, elevators are twenty times safer than escalators. There are twenty times more elevators than escalators, but only one third more accidents.

Comfort of elevator

Most passengers do not spend very much time in the elevator. However, they do expect it to appear comforting and secure. While you do not need to spend too much on the interior of your elevator, using things like mirrors and tall ceilings can help people feel less cramped. The more comfortable that your elevator appears, the more likely that people will use it over the escalator, or skipping the floor entirely. Because escalators are not as safe, it is actually preferable that the majority of customers use the elevator. Additionally, you can lose out on potential profits if customers are too afraid to use your elevator and do not visit the other floors of your business.

In the U.S., there are an estimated 900,000 elevators, each serving an average of 20,000 people per year. Customers give very little thought to the elevators they use, unless there is a noticeable problem with it. A noticeable problem can prevent them from using it again or from revisiting the business altogether. As a business owner, when you are installing elevators, you want to ensure that they are large enough for all people and needed equipment, that they are updated with advanced technology, and that there is a good safety plan in place. Your customers will appreciate the extra thought.

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