Signs That Sell, or How to Help Your Customers Find You

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Even though people are constantly exposed to signs, ads and messages every waking moment, they develop the subconscious ability to filter out the noise and to focus on what’s relevant to them. In a plethora of signs, ads or messages, they can zero in on the one that really matters to them at that particular time. But to do so, they need some help. If you’re trying to get your message out to customers – you know they’re out there – it helps to have a sign announcing your presence, your goods or services. It could be blinking neon sign or a poster stand, but if someone is looking for exactly what it is that your business specializes in, they will see it.

The age of over-information
This has been called the Information Age, but might more accurately be described as the age of over-information. People are constantly exposed to ads and promotional messages, sometimes seeing as many as 3,000 in a single day. In sheer self defense, they develop a subconscious filtering mechanism by which they manage to ignore everything that is not relevant to them, and to pick up only what’s important.
You might have done this yourself. Consider your reactions when driving on the highway. Approaching an important interchange, you don’t actually read every piece of information on every sign. Instead, you focus on the one that matters to you at that time, and follow it. People do something similar when faced with a flood of advertising and promotions. If they’re looking for tax accountants, they will filter out the shoe stores and fitness centers, and make a beeline for their destination, the moment they see a sign that tells them the way.

Give me a sign
In the real world, signs matter. Even with our constant use of mobile devices and virtual helpers like Siri, we do need to find our way to real world stores. That’s why signs matter. Whether it’s something as simple as a poster stand or an eye-catching blinking neon sign, it tells your customers where and how to find you.

It isn’t only the customers who are actually looking for your business who will find a sign useful. There are always the impulse buyers, who may have gone out to pick up the dry cleaning but will follow a sign for a used book store or a blowout sale on upscale fashion items.

Signs sell more merchandise
Signs, as we said before, matter. They not only help customers find you, but once they’re in the store, they have a big influence on purchasing decisions. Clearly labeled shelves with metal display signs, or display racks with the prices clearly marked can help shoppers decide to buy a particular item.
Studies have found that as many as 82% of shoppers will make purchasing decisions in the sorter itself. Having your display stands with clearly visible price tags makes the decision that much easier. A Mass Merchant Study conducted in 2014 found that display signs prompted 16% of unplanned purchases while shopping. Studies also show that when merchandise has a sign, sales improve by 20%.

So whether your sign is a poster stand or a clear plastic hanging sign, it will attract those who were looking for your business, consciously or unconsciously.

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