Four Reasons Why Street Sweeping Is So Important

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Ever since Humankind got around to living together in community in villages, towns, and cities, the need to keep the local streets and walkways clean and free from obstruction has been great. Whenever we travel–whether it is to a destination far away or right around the corner–we want our path to be easy, not full of things that get in our way.

For centuries, we swept our streets and walkways by hand, keeping the roads clear. Then, in 1849, a man named C.S. Bishop invented and patented the world’s first street sweeping machine. From that invention, it didn’t take too long before street sweeper trucks took to the roads in order to keep them clean and do so quickly and efficiently.

With so many street sweeper trucks available to us in our modern day and age, there are so many reasons why they remain relevant to this day. Here are three of those reasons.

1.) Street sweepers quickly prepare neighborhood and private streets for collection and removal.

Our streets get littered with many different kinds of debris. Paper, leaves and all kinds of other litter collect in curbs and gutters. Street sweeper trucks make the collection of these littering materials much more manageable. They reach into the gutters and dislodge the debris, sweeping it up and out of the way.

2.) Street sweeper trucks can dislodge stormwater facilities.

Debris can block stormwater facilities and cause great problems. When this happens, there can be big problems with flooding during the times of heavy rain. Regular street sweeping activity will keep the drains open so that water can move freely away from the streets to be dispersed the way it should be.

3.) Street sweeping is important when it comes to pollutants.

Both large and microscopic pollutants will, over time, collect on the streets of both cities and towns anywhere you go? A street sweeping service will grab and remove a good number of the pollutants you will find, or, for that matter, the ones you will not find. This can mean the difference between breathing with ease and having trouble breathing. Dealing with illness or living healthily.

4.) Street sweeping trucks can get into parking lots.

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can clean parking lots the way they clean the streets. When you think about it, you realize that parking lots are mostly made from the same kinds of material that roads are made from. They get just as dirty and in the exact same ways. Having street sweeping trucks get into a parking lot can vastly improve the way you control the litter and other problems associated with dirty roadways.

Since Humankind has been on the roadways, there has been a need to keep those roadways clear. The roads and even the parking lots of our communities need to be kept clear and we owe that clearing and maintenance to the street sweeping trucks that do their jobs in all kinds of weather throughout the year.

Street sweepers gather up the materials that litter and collect them for removal. The speed and accuracy with which they do this mean that a community can have a clean road system on the regular.

These sweepers also can dislodge stormwater facilities and keep them clean for when water from storms will need proper and effective disbursement. They take pollutants off the streets and also have the ability to get into parking lots where similar stormwater drains and curbs can get just as dirty as regular roads.

When we think about the technology we have in our modern day world, it is easy to see how it affects our lives indoors. We have televisions that record live tv shows, computer systems that let us get information on just about anything we want to know about right at our fingertips, and mobile phones that let us send a picture of our food to China in an instant.

When it comes to the maintenance of our roadways, we also see great advances in technology that help us live more comfortably and more healthily. What started out as a simple invention in 1849 by a man who looked to make things easier has become an industry worthy of recognition and importance.

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