Is There Still a Use for a Scientific Lab Notebook?

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The way experiments and research are performed has been influenced by the scientific lab notebook. Lab notebooks offer many benefits including being able to help scientists and researchers with the ability to back up data, search and share, as well as being readily accessible. Notebooks are perfect for different uses in many industries and educational institutions such as biotech companies, research universities, research and development companies and pharmaceutical companies.

When you look at a couple of facts including job growth outlook for the biomedical field, which is estimated to be at 23%, and the number of biochemistry degrees awarded, which was 9,550 in 2016, it is easy to see how scientific lab notebooks play a vital role. This type of technology plays a part in digital technology that includes interactive computation, digital information management, electronic communication and multimedia uses. The way research is performed is changing with the way scientific records are taken with a transformation from paper to digital captures of experiments.

The Role of the Scientific Lab Notebook

A scientific lab notebook offers a plethora of benefits to students and researchers alike. They facilitate long-term storage, the enhanced availability of records for experiments across various devices, reproducibility and a standard operating procedure compliance that provides useful interfaces to instrumentation. This is just the beginning when it comes to the many uses of a scientific lab notebook. Depending on the type of notebook, some act as repositories for raw data and results, while others sport the potential of supporting researchers throughout the entire lifecycle of an experiment.

A scientific notebook also plays a vital role for students that conduct research. A student lab notebook should be used by students embarking on a career in science. In fact, training with a scientific notebook is a great idea no matter the level of education.

Using a science notebook also helps students fostering a claim or defending a patent and can be used as legal documentation. Young scientists will have the benefit of protecting a breakthrough discovery and be able to claim legal ownership of their ideas using a properly documented tool. Any students serious about research should seek the guidance of a professor or teacher to ensure they understand the best results as well as data recording.

Scientific Notebooks Are Easy to Use

The role of a scientific notebook in research should never be overlooked. Even though the digital age of tablets and smartphones is predominant, notebooks still have advantages. They can be used any time, taken anywhere, perform essential functions within a lab environment and perform under just about any type of conditions.

Laboratory notebooks make it much easier to keep track of work. Having a record of experiment progress is vital when it comes to research and future ideas that need to be easily accessed. When you need a way to carefully record all research steps with the ability to directly pick up where you left off, then a laboratory notebook is superlative.

Keep Track of Lab Partners

A big part of research includes complicated experiments with multiple people working together. This equates to significant portions of experiments being undertaken by lab partners without any direct responsibility from you. It makes things easier if you incorporate the use of a laboratory notebook to keep track of your partner’s work for easy review and feedback possibilities.

Lab notebooks help everyone stay organized while planning tasks in advance. Being able to plan ahead with detailed ideas means less time is spent figuring out the next step. Essentially, you have the ability to plan your future schedule when keeping a trusted laboratory notebook on hand.

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