Is Your Business Protected Against A Fire? Make Sure With Fire Protection Repair Services

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A single fire can destroy everything you’ve worked for. Even worse? It can end lives.

Most fires can be easily prevented or mitigated. Ths is where your commercial fire protection services come in. Fire alarm inspections are a necessary buffer against the possibility of fire, providing your business the ability to detect the faintest traces of CO2 in the atmosphere and alert everyone in the vicinity. When your fire alarm system runs the risk of losing power at a crucial moment, or has a glitch you’re unaware of, an inspection can catch it early on. There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to preventing fires, so make this year the year you step up your preventive measures.

What types of fire protection services does your building need to be safe?

Some locations are at much higher risk for fire than others. That doesn’t mean you should become complacent. Apartments, motels, offices and facilities that care for the sick are among the main property classes that account for half of all high-rise fires. Hotels and motels, in particular, see their fires causing a collective 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. Warehouse fires, on the other hand, have been on the decline since 1980. Your business, just like any other location, needs to have the basics covered.

Data centers are another location that requires a significant amount of preparation to care for. That’s because of the sensitive data on-board, much of which can be lost or compromised with even a small fire. Small American data centers are required to have an Early Warning Fire System (or EWFD) system, particularly if they are 2,500 feet or further below the earth. These give nearby fire services just enough time to arrive in time to prevent as much damage as possible. Fire alarm monitoring is an ongoing process, but one that is always worth taking.

Multiple elements can cause a small or large fire. Dry, and sometimes wet, chemical systems in the area of fire operated in over 80% of reported structure fires large enough to activate nearby operational equipment. A lack of maintenance caused nearly 45% of dry and wet chemical system failures in-between 2006 and 2010, lending further evidence that it’s upkeep that stands in the way of general safety. Fire sprinkler inspections aren’t just a check off the list. They’re how you make sure you’re always prepared for the worst.

Different types of fire protection services are required to cover all your bases. From alarms to sprinklers to extinguishers, they all do the combined work of ensuring nobody is harmed in the event of a fire. A fire protection plan also needs to be in a clear spot where everyone can see. These help direct civilians toward safe areas, tell them what not to do and increase their chances of leaving the building safely. Fire protection plans also need to be updated to be as accessible as possible, so consider reaching out to a professional and asking them what can be improved.

Thousands of fires occur every single year. Most of them can be easily prevented. The different types of fire protection services available to you need to not just be installed throughout your building, but updated and repaired on a rolling basis. It’s highly recommended you have your fire alarm maintenance done at least once per year, if not twice, alongside general safety habits. These include proper ventilation, efficient disposal of cigarettes and no obstructions in stairwells and hallways.

Don’t let a fire put people at risk. See how a fire sprinkler installation or fire sprinkler repair this year can keep you up to speed.

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