Is Your Refrigerator Green? Making Changes to Save on Energy Costs for the Home

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Homeowners are always on the lookout for energy savings, and the good news is that recent technological developments are making energy conservation much more attainable. And with the average bill topping $100 every month, the quest for energy solutions can be an important one.

That cost could drop to $90 monthly just by the installation of a thermostat that turns itself off and on in the homeowners’ absence or regulates air temperature at night, when people are asleep. Keeping the house just a little bit cooler for eight hours a day during the winter months can add up to a savings of over $100 a year.

Solar panel systems are also becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want to maximize their energy savings. There are tax breaks for commercial and home installation available in many states across the country. In fact, many homeowners report receiving monthly checks from electricity companies due to the fact that their solar systems generate more electricity than their home or business can use.

Smart appliances are also helping many Americans save big on energy costs. While the typical family spends about $20 monthly just to heat water for showers, dishes, and cooking, an insulated water heater can generate big savings.

Add in an eco-friendly shower head designed to save water and a washing machine that operates more efficiently, and the savings can mount rapidly. Even refrigerators are now designed to use one-quarter of the energy they did 50 years ago.

The idea of a $0 energy bill is very appealing to most home and business owners, and thanks to recent technological advances the cost of homeownership is becoming much more affordable. Although ecologically friendly appliances and solar panel systems require a financial investment, renewable energy can save thousands of dollars for a home in the long-term, maximizing energy savings and contributing to a healthier home.

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