Is Your Small Town Looking for a Way to Improve Its Look?

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If there was ever an occasion for a street sweeper trucks, this was it.
The street dance downtown was the highlight of the town’s road rally, but the mess that was left behind was always pretty substantial. For this reason, about 10 years ago the local chamber of commerce decided to invest in their own street sweeper truck. And while it was originally purchased with the street sweeping services were originally intended for the street dance, the community has actually found that it can be used many other times during the year as well. From cleaning up the gravel that is used during the winter to keep stop sign areas for getting too slick during ice and snow to making sure that the main street is always looking its best, the need for the road sweeping services provide by the truck are pretty common. Instead of having to pay to rent sweeper trucks once or twice a year, the small town’s purchase has allowed the city to even make a little money when local businesses want to have their private parking lots cleaned. The services fees paid by these businesses help offset any maintenance work that the truck requires.
Sweeper Trucks Help Cities and Local Business Owners Keep Their Property Looking Its Best
Whether you are a business owner or the head of a small town maintenance team, keeping your area clean looking is important. For a business a clean parking lot helps you put your best foot forward, and for a small town clean streets help residents take pride in their community.
Street sweeper rentals are an options for some businesses and smaller communities, but many large companies and cities find that it is in their best interest to purchase their own sweeper trucks instead. Whether you have a monthly cleaning scheduled or you only make use of this equipment after special events, these machines can help you tackle large projects effectively and efficiently. When it is not picked up, street debris can block stormwater facilities, and can even cause flooding during heavy rains.
Consider some of the other advantages of making use of street sweeping services:

  • Mounted on truck bodies, modern street sweepers have the ability to vacuum street debris.
  • Street sweepers allow for the collection and removal of leaves, paper, and other visible debris that collect in the curb gutters.
  • Street sweeping is also effective in removing both microscopic and large pollutants that collect on city streets.
  • Run off pollution from highways and roads includes pesticides and heavy metals that will enter the water system if they are not swept away.
  • Runoff from urbanized areas is the leading source of water quality impairments to surveyed estuaries, according to the most recent National Water Quality Inventory report.
  • $283 million in revenue is generated by the street sweeping machine manufacturing industry in the U.S.

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