Laptop Scanners Help With Digitizing Information Across an Enterprise

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According to a study conducted by International Data Corp., a company that has 1,000 employees or more will spend between $6 and $12 million each year looking for information or recreating information that they were unable to find. Also, reports suggest that 15 to 30 percent of a worker’s time is spent search for things or information, which is a significant chunk of anyone’s working day. This often leads to frustration, and of course a very big financial loss for companies. Luckily, laptop scanners can solve this problem.

With laptop scanners, paper files can easily be scanned and then stored both on a computer and online through a cloud computing system. This avoids the need for employees to keep searching in vain for the information they need. And although a majority of corporate enterprises still feel that paper documents are necessary for legal reasons, at least having a digital version lets companies back it up should the information ever be needed again.

However, small business spending regarding cloud computing still is expected to account for $100 billion by 2014, and laptop scanners are a big part of this transition to digitizing information. These portable scanners let companies quickly scan information and then load it online to be found easily forever. With a digital filing system that includes a portable scanner or laptop scanner and other useful cloud computing tools, enterprises can go as far as to use a business card reader to store important pieces of data that will be recovered easily.

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