Load Broker Software Why It’s Good for Your Business

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In the United States, the transportation network is a big, multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, the value of freight moved is increasing rapidly, and estimated to rise from a 2007 price of $882 per ton to a 2040 price of $1,377 per ton, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Whether large or small, businesses that carry and transport freight need to keep track of all their goods. They require shipping managers, distributors and manufacturers who all deal with the matter of getting their goods from Point A to Point B. And they all need to be able to access information efficiently to accomplish their business objectives.

This is no easy task, given the number of vehicles involved in the transportation industry. It has been reported that the number of vessels, locomotives, rail cars and trucks moving product within the transportation scheme and network total almost 12 million–a staggering number.

How is it possible to keep track of all these details? And how to keep everyone who is on the transportation team on the same page, provided with up-to-date information? The best answer might be found in a system known as load broker software.

What is load broker software? Basically, it is transportation management software. Load broker software gives the company an instant method of keeping track of all aspects of the business.

Freight brokers who use load broker software can manage loads, do quotes and keep track of invoices all in a centralized broker system. This leaves less room for miscommunication and error. Broker systems help insure that business can continue to operate efficiently, payroll can be met and the freight gets delivered.

To consider using load broker software may be advantageous because of the instant communication and data management benefits for the company. The correct implementation and use of load broker software will lead naturally to the greatest amount of business efficiency.

Of course, efficiency allows a business to keep everything running smoothly. We have all heard the phrase “…a well-oiled machine.” This is exactly the point of load broker software.

Not only will things run better using a broker system, but there might be more things to ‘run’, that is, more goods to transport. Thus, being more effective at doing business may allow for even more business to be accepted…and, therefore, more money to be made.

Some might say this could be considered a total ‘win-win’!

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