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Medical billing companies and coding are vital aspects that work hand-in-hand to ensure health care providers are paid for their services. As a medical coder, you engage in reading the doctor’s report regarding a patient then translate each bit of information into codes that are passed on to the medical biller who’s responsible for providing coding and billing solutions.

From the codes received, the medical biller interprets the information, extracts billable information, and prepares a claim for the insurance company. The insurance company evaluates the bill and returns it to the medical biller. Then the biller evaluates the returned claim and figures out accurately how much the patient owes after the insurance cut.

If you have no clue about medical billing, the billing process begins the moment a patient visits the doctor and takes into account all diagnoses and prescriptions undertaken. The medical biller is in charge of ensuring that the healthcare provider is properly compensated. Custom billing services will act as a bridge between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

The healthcare revenue cycle is a complex service that requires comprehension of fundamentals of management of patients’ financial responsibility before final claim submission in medical billing channels. Medical billing and coding facilitate recouping of all the reimbursement allowable for care delivered.


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