Millennials Turning To Staffing Agencies For Non Profit Jobs in DC, NYC

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UPDATED 7/29/20

The turn of the new Millennium saw a renewed focus on philanthropy and non profit organizations, and by 2010, jobs at non profit organizations accounted for 9.2% of all wages and salaries paid in the country. According to the latest data, there are more than 1.53 million non profit organizations, 1.06 million public charities, as well as 102,055 private foundations in the United States. Because of the sheer number of available organizations, many new graduates look for non profit job NYC entry level positions when they first get out of school.

In fact, many young workers and Millennials go to college with the specific goal of one day finding jobs at non profit organizations. Of course, during the Great Recession, reduced charitable giving and a ferocious labor market made it hard for many young people to secure their dream non profit jobs. Over the last few years, those who follow non profit news and trends have noticed a major development in the sector — the rise of non profit employment agencies and recruiters.

Best employers to work for

Headhunters and search firms have long focused on high-profile industries like elite sales jobs, professional coaching jobs, college deans, and executive positions. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, you would find generic professional staffing companies and temp agencies filling entry-level and menial positions. But increasingly, the most skilled recruiters are training their sites on non profit jobs, which are attracting high-caliber applicants.

For young people trying to find non profit jobs in NYC and Washington DC, where the majority of jobs at non profit organizations are located, competition can be fierce. That’s why many of the top non profit talent are turning to non profit search firms and non profit employment agencies for help in their job search. It’s one of the most important non profit trends of 2015, and it’s happened largely below the radar. If you’re one of those would-be employees hunting for entry level non profit jobs in NYC or DC, then some of the jobs won’t even be posted publicly, but quietly sent to the top nonprofit recruiters.

If you want to get your foot in the door (and then kick it down), then it’s time to polish up your resume and send it to a professional staffing agency that specializes in non profit jobs NYC entry level.

When first getting out of school many people are looking for the best employers to work for. The thought is that finding these top rated companies to work for will be good resume padding and allow for future success. What recent graduates are finding though, and especially now during the pandemic, that the days of getting a relatively high paying job right out of college are basically over.

Best companies to work for and why

When looking to land a position with one of these top rated companies to work for, a clear and concise objective statement on a resume must be thought out. A good objective for your resume will include what you are hoping to get out of the experience of a position with the best employers to work for. Explaining why you consider them one of the best companies to work for and why, along with your long term goals. Be up front with your intentions, if you are looking for experience say it. If you are looking for a long time placement, say that. As with anything, a great objective to put on a resume is the truth.

The non profit sector is attractive to recent graduates since the jobs tend to be temporary placements. When looking to network and gain experience, looking for non profit job NYC entry level positions can help to build up that resume.

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