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Apart from serving the best food and coffee in town, fine dining experience to customers mean so much more than just what they can eat or drink. A great restaurant will combine different aspects like ambiance, cleanliness, price factor, and importantly, uniqueness.
Combining creativity with food and drink would be something to make the customers’ dining experience memorable.

Shipping container restaurants are the new business model in the hospitality industry. Freight shipping containers that once carried goods across the globe are being converted into functional and creative spaces such as pop up container bars, cafes and restaurants.

The shipping container idea is unique and the designs are out-of-the-box. A modified shipping container can be stacked, and build upon to create a nice food joint for the locals. Some 11 million unused shipping containers around the world could potentially be used for a variety of purposes. This means that you can easily and inexpensively acquire one and convert it into a cafe or restaurant.

For a small business that’s just starting, perhaps with limited capital and resources, the cost-benefits of using a custom shipping container instead of the traditional commercial-rent-space are especially important. However, there are more benefits to using custom shipping containers for restaurants.

  • Portability: Since the restaurant is customized from the container, it’s portable and thus easy to move around just like you’d move a regular container. The idea is similar to the food trucks but with the convenience and ability to set up at different events where there is a demand for your products and services.
  • Hygiene and restaurant cleanliness are essential to ensuring customers enjoy your products and services. A standard shipping container can be modified and fitted with necessary restaurant amenities such as a proper kitchen with working plumbing, HVAC system, lighting among other essential features. Clean and safe cooking environment uphold food quality human consumption.
  • Security: Shipping crate restaurants made from steel boxes are robust and durable, guaranteeing you maximum safety on the items stored inside the shop. Expensive kitchen wears, cookers, ovens, seats, fridge, and other items can be securely stored for the night, giving you peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: When a business grows more space is often needed to accommodate increasing production activities. Shipping containers allow you to easily scale up by just adding another without traditional construction limitations.
  • Physical asset: Renting commercial space to run a restaurant can be costly, especially for a business that is just starting. All the rent you paid is considered dead. With a shipping crate restaurant, however, you own the entire structure. The fixtures and fittings inside can be removed and installed in a new place. And you can also sell or relocate the structure. Treat it as an asset.

There probably tens of restaurants around your block, but all seem to offer the same experience in terms of style and uniqueness. If you are looking to have an edge on the market why not consider a shipping crate restaurant that offers customers a good dining experience.

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