New Lock Box For People on the Go Is Perfect For Vacationers, But Ill-Suited For Home Security

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have something to securely stash your wallet and mobile devices in when you go to the beach or to the pool, like the kind of key lock boxes you use to store the keys to your entry locks in? After all, about 85% of travelers take a smartphone or other kind of mobile device with them when they’re on vacation, whether it be on a cruise, to a theme park, or even just at the beach, which means that secure storage is becoming an increasingly important issue to vacationers.

Inspired by those very same key boxes, Aquavault lock boxes hope to solve vacationers’ worries. People can use the small, outdoor lock boxes to stow their wallets, keys, mobile devices, or other valuables around a lounge chair, a stroller, or even a golf cart. To open it, or even remove the lock box from the object to which it’s attached, would require a code that’s been chosen by the user.

However, the device’s greatest advantage is also its greatest disadvantage. Because they’re designed for people on the go, they’re rather conspicuous, which makes them easy targets. Since they’re designed to wrap around and lock to a chair, a stroller, or what have you, they can’t be hidden. A criminal just has to take whatever they’re locked to and be on their way.

That’s not to say these Aquavalut lock boxes are ineffective. It simply means that they’re ill suited for more important security needs like home security. Realtor lock boxes need to be inconspicuous, lest a burglar spot them and find a way to access them. The Aquavault lock boxes are big, white, plastic gadgets that could be easily spotted by just about anyone whose savvy enough to recognize them as security devices.

If you’re going on vacation and are concerned about what to do with your valuables, consider looking into an Aquavault. If you’re concerned about your home’s security, consider a realtor lock box instead. Get more here.

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