Over 15% Of All Paper Documents Are Misplaced Organizing Your Business With Document Management

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The future may be digital, but many of us are still living in the past.

The advantages of printing technology aren’t as widespread as they should be. Many businesses large and small are still relying on archaic ways of storing their documents and filing applications, leaving them in a pretty bad position in the event of a fire. That doesn’t even cover all the wasted time going back and forth when a document is lost or misfiled. Document management companies are your first stop on the way to a better run business model, able to provide you more cost-effective and reliable ways of keeping your information in one place.

It’s better to be safe than sorry with so much on the line.

Did You Know?

Let’s put things in perspective. Your company stands to lose a lot of money by failing to implement a reliable document managing technique. An average of four weeks is lost every year waiting on misfiled or mislabeled documents alone. According to studies by the Paperless Project coalition, over 80% of business documents today are still in paper form. Relying on old-fashioned methods of organization wastes paper (already becoming a tight resource thanks to deforestation), it wastes time and it wastes your money. Document management companies can change that.

Reduce Your Debt

If you’re dealing with a little too much debt, new document storage solutions can give you a breath of fresh air. Filing has been found to account for a great deal of the average business’s debt. In fact, filing costs around $20 per document. A misfiled document can result in over $125 in lost productivity. The Gartner Group found nearly 15% of all paper documents are misplaced every year, with another 8% lost completely. The benefits of print management mean you’ll be retaining some of that hard-earned effort while giving your customers more confidence in you.

Increase Customer Confidence

Losing documents isn’t just a financial pain. It can cost your consumer base. The last thing anyone needs is the wrong information landing in the wrong hands. Customers don’t want to look at your business as a cluttered mess that could compromise their bank account or address, nor do you want your repeat buyers to jump ship and chart a new course. The four departments of a company that benefit the most from document management are Contracts Management, Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Your employees will also feel the change.

Protect Your Employees

Document management companies are well-aware of how frazzled your workers can get trying to keep up with the backlog. It’s estimated every office worker in the United States uses over 10,000 sheets of paper every year. The average printing expense can cost companies between $600 and $1,300 in that span of time, too. Workers that are constantly disorganized and stressed are more likely to misfile and lose documents, which creates a snowball effect that will affect everyone up and down the line. Save yourself the trouble and switch to a more beneficial document management service.

Create A Solid, Reliable Business

Organization is one of the most useful, and underappreciated, skills today. A lack of clutter saves you time, which saves you stress, which saves you money. Interact reported just under 20% of a business’s time is wasted by employees searching for information. Think about how much more productive they’ll be if you take another look at electronic document management services or start recycling unused paper more often. Document management companies can take a look at how your business model is doing and compare it to other similar establishments, giving you a much-needed first step on the path to success.

All you have to do is reach out. Don’t let misplaced or lost documents impact your future success.

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