PACS Monitors for Medical Imaging


Pacs system vendors

All sorts of medical professionals make use of radiography, i.e. the use of X rays to study the human body. And any radiologist, dental professional, really anyone who uses this technology knows that one’s monitoring equipment and safety gear absolutely have to be up to snuff.

In addition to stocking up on radiation protection products like lead aprons, lead glasses and other safety essential X ray accessories, you’ll want to make sure your facility has a thoroughly modern and up to date PACS monitor system, which uses software based technology to interface with imaging equipment and radically reduce the amount of time it takes to retrieve freshly minted medical images from procedures like ultrasound, MR, endoscopy, mammograms and so on.

A full PACS workstation consists of a PACS computer with the needed software, and PACS monitors on which the images can be quickly viewed and studied. PACS system vendors are great at discerning just the right type of PACS monitor setup for a given medical practice or hospital facility. The needs of dentists, opthalmologists and other professionals will all differ somewhat. A good vendor of PACS monitors and PACS components will make sure you’re get just the equipment you need to operate at peak performance.

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