Partying in Style


There are all sorts of ways to party and no one way to party is the exact right way to go about it. For every method and manner of celebration there is, there is another one that suits someone else slightly better. Some parties are far and distant affairs that take awhile to get to, including weddings and destination parties that can even happen in other countries. You might need a van rental or a sedan service to get to the airport then the real party doesn’t start until you actually get to the destination. There are more standard celebrations such as anniversaries and birthday parties that might be a little closer but take just as long to plan. These might also involve van rentals or you might even have to rent a limo or some similar transportation. These are all well and good but there is one special way to party which we haven’t mentioned. This mode of transportation will not only get you where you need to go, it can itself be a mode of partying unlike any you have seen before. I am talking about the party bus, of course. The party bus is unlike any other celebratory experience that you can find. The party is not only a means to a destination, picking the right party bus can be a one way ticket to a completely unforgettable night. What does the party bus contain though? What sort of party buses are there and what are the special amenities on the larger and more expensive ones? Well, your standard party bus will often include a dancing area and an open bar. This dancing area can actually be in the bus or it can even be on the upper deck so you can enjoy the view as it goes by. The bar itself is usually located on the main level and has pretty much everything you could ever want, provided you talk to the party bus service beforehand. There will often be large speakers and screens for audio and visual entertainment, anything you could want so long as you set it up beforehand. Many party bus services will have special deals depending on what sort of celebration you are planning. If you are curious, you should ask beforehand so you know are getting the best deal.
The party bus experience
Let’s say there is a customer. Let’s call her Stacy. Now, Stacy is twenty eight years old and is planning her bachelorette party before she gets married. She wants to do things a little differently than most people so she decides she is going to call up the party bus place and see what sort of affordable options are available. She asks and they tell her they are currently running a deal on bachelorette parties where if she invites a certain number of people she gets a discount. This sounds really good to Stacy so she accepts and asks if she can see the buses in person. They agree so she goes down to the party bus lot to check out a couple samples and see which one she likes. There are a lot to choose from and each have their own special fixture that is unique to it. For example, one has a hot tub and the other has an extra large dance floor. She likes the one with the extra large dance floor but asks first to see if it fits with her discount and whether it will cost her anything extra. It will, in fact, but she decides it is worth it and tells them that she is going to have around thirty people for her party bus experience. They are delighted and they ask her if she is going to have it catered. She says yes and that they will make sure to keep it clean for the sake of the party bus company. They offer that they know a few good catering places themselves but she already has one picked out. The last thing left to do is prep the bus for the big night and let everyone know where it will be parked when the party starts. Then, and only then, can the party begin.

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