Play And Psychology Why The Playground Remains One Of The Healthiest Additions To A Child’s Life

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Play is good for you. This goes for children and it goes for adults, too.

Consider the last time you took an extended break from work. How much more refreshed did you feel coming back to your workweek once you had time to catch up with friends and enjoy your hobbies? Play, right alongside relaxation and stimulating hobbies, leaves a positive impact on our minds and bodies. The plastic playground is just one way of encouraging this simple fact in different walks of life. If you’ve considered the financial benefits of the low-maintenance plastic playground for your business, success starts from a good foundation.

Let’s appreciate playground equipment by understanding what, exactly, it provides children of all shapes and sizes.

The Link Between Psychology And Play

It’s not just talk. Several studies and surveys on the link between psychology and play have been published over the decades, allowing us to make more informed decisions about what children interact with and why. Regular exercise releases endorphins and dopamine, essential chemicals for preserving good mood and maintaining a healthy immune system, among other reasons. It’s also a simple and engaging way for children to learn more about the world around them. The plastic playground has become a staple of parks, businesses, and many backyards for precisely this reason.

Teaching Children Useful Social Skills

Socializing, despite us being social creatures, isn’t innate. It needs to be taught and reinforced through regular practice, something the plastic playground is perfect at accomplishing. Children need to learn at a young age how to resolve conflict, assert themselves, expand on their creativity, and much, much more. A durable playground is a meeting place for all types of personalities and interests to see eye-to-eye. It can also help initiate conversation through certain playstyles, such as taking turns on the monkey bars or helping others down the slide.

Plastic Playgrounds And Fine Motor Skills

Motor skills are also a delicate process that can be improved or worsened depending on the environment. When children grab onto the monkey bars they practice hand-eye coordination so they don’t miss and fall. When children play tag they have to learn how to avoid other children to prevent an accident. Fine motor skills is a term used to denote more specific and particular actions, such as throwing, catching, writing, drawing, and sculpting. Playable art can be added to the plastic playground or recycled plastic building.

History Of Today’s Composite Building Materials

It’s hard to believe the materials we use today with commercial-grade strength had to start from somewhere. Egyptians and Mesopotamians used the very first composite building materials all the way back in 1500 B.C., mixing mud and straw to create durable foundations. Plastics — which include vinyl, polystyrene, and polyester — would be developed in the early 1900s and soon spread throughout the world. Fiberglass didn’t even come into the market until Owens Corning patented it in 1995.

Installing An Eco-Friendly Plastic Playground

Perennial landscaping solutions can be combined with the plastic playground for a truly environmentally friendly experience. A durable playground can use any combination of stainless steel, polywood lumber, bark dust, recycled plastic, and low-maintenance landscaping. Children deserve playtime that’s just as safe as it is enjoyable, which means double-checking regularly for any equipment that’s broken or worn out. Some playground equipment has also become obsolete, such as the chain link swingset (due to twisting soft palms). Picking and choosing is all a matter of what you hope to leave children with once playtime is over.

Healthy, safe, and fun…that’s the promise of a good playground set-up.

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