Polished Concrete Offers Surprising Advantages


Polished concrete warehouse

Polished concrete flooring is used in schools, restaurants, retail spaces, event centers, and other locations because it is effective, and because it is less slippery than flooring materials such as waxed linoleum or marble, which it can bear some resemblance to. If you own a commercial space, and you are looking for flooring that will both impress and provide safety for your visitors, then polishing concrete flooring for your surface may be the best option to choose.

Not only is polished concrete used for its safety, but it is also chosen for its great looks as well. Polished flooring made from concrete has a natural mineral finish similar to that of marble, but the concrete itself can be stained and dyed to resemble other materials, or to give it its own unique look and feel. If a polished concrete is good enough for the Tampa Museum of Art, it may be good enough for your own space. In fact, a concrete polisher may be able to provide surfaces which can be LEED certified up tot he platinum level, which may offer you both a measure of safety for your business, and one of great visual appeal for your visitors.

Polished concrete is also an extremely “green” form of flooring, as both the treatment and recycling of concrete will not be harmful to local environments. There are no toxins used in the concrete polishing process, and the concrete can be safely disposed of and recycled without the need for special handling procedures. Polished concrete can lead to better looking floors, better standards for safety in a commercial space, and applications in areas that go beyond flooring. Concrete polishing can be used on other surfaces, such as counters or bars, to give the very same professional look and low maintenance benefits that flooring can provide for nearly any surface. If you are interested in a surface solution that can provide great looks, great safety, and an environmentally conscious approach, then polished concrete may be the right solution. To find out more about concrete polishing for your business, it is best to contact a company which specializes in this form of floor installation and treatment so that you can get an accurate estimate on what concrete polishing may cost. With maintenance costs up to 60 percent lower than options like vinyl composition tile, you may be surprised at how affordable it can be.
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