Reasons To Get Electronic Church Signs


Do you want to know how your place of worship can stand to gain from using electronic church signs? One of the many pretty obvious benefits is that it can bring new church members to your congregation. Considering that 35% of people don’t discover a business if it weren’t for their outdoor LED signs, getting your parish noticed by the community won’t be a struggle anymore.

Due to various factors, numerous church institutions see a decline in membership. Even if you want to keep your devoted audience from dwindling, it’s not enough to bombard them with sermons, youth services, and religious missions. And while you might not see a decrease in attendance, you might be stuck at that number with no idea how to raise it.

Begin using electronic church signs as part of your promotional strategy to start enjoying the following benefits:

Easily Convey Bible Quotes and Verses

It can be time-consuming and expensive for churches to use conventional signage. When you have thousands of Bible quotes and verses to relay to the congregation and the public, it would be better to use digital signs instead. While the task appears to be a simple and easy one, it would be labor-intensive to replace the letters one by one – especially on a daily basis.

Some may regard it as a worthy sacrifice and necessary measure. However, if you use electronic church signs, you can devote your time and effort to other worship services.

With church marquee signs, you can easily adjust and modify the Bible verses in minutes or even seconds. You can also have images shown alongside the quotes or other pertinent data.

Captivates Public Interest

Electronic outdoor church signs are more effective than their traditional counterparts. Since most of the population now tends to dismiss and ignore outdated and dull signs, the stylishly bright and colorful lights of programmable LED signs can catch the public’s attention better. Even if the Bible passage you’re sharing is valuable and insightful, it won’t come across to the audience if it’s not written appealingly.

Outdoor electronic signs for churches offer freedom to create or modify their displays with great ease. So you can say goodbye to redoing the entire signage haphazardly. Changing the message display will be simple, and you can enjoy the new layout in just a few.

Regardless of the time, LED signs can draw the attention of passersby. With their vivid lights and colors, you’ll be able to deliver and share God’s will and message more stylishly and memorably.

Broadcasts Vital Information Effortlessly

As mentioned above, electronic signs are excellent for showing the community your service and worship schedules. However, they’re also great for announcing sensitive data, news, and events to the public. Plus, you can show your church’s contact details, so they’re easily accessible.

In a recent survey, 28 percent of poll respondents noted the website address displayed on an outdoor billboard, while 26 percent took note of a phone number. Therefore, you can use electronic LED signs to inform people about critical data regarding your church.

In another poll, results showed that 58 percent of participants aged 18 and up learned about an event or occasion they wanted to attend from a billboard. So if your parish frequently hosts Bible services, retreats, or other religious events geared toward the younger population, an outdoor church sign will be extremely beneficial.

Highlights the Worship and Service Schedule

There are various ways to make the most out of your church sign. Apart from making your house of worship seem more accessible, signage can also relay pertinent data to your parish’s current and prospective members. Having a digital sign can also add an aesthetic element to your church.

Without any outdoor signs, your church will be ignored by the young people in the community. Nowadays, most folks find it already difficult enough to follow their schedule. So if you don’t inform them of your hours of worship through effective signage, how will they be able to attend?

Deliver God’s Message Efficiently

Effective signage is crucial for religious institutions in relaying important messages to the public. Your parish can use electronic church signs outdoors to broadcast essential details, such as service times and upcoming events to the community. You’ll also have a better advantage in attracting additional parishioners, which will help your church grow.

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