Reasons to Go with a Trenchless Sewer Repair

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One of the more unpleasant aspects of home ownership is dealing with the sewer system. Sewer replacement is not fun for anybody. Traditional pipe replacements leave you prone to experiencing the same problem in five to ten years and it tears through any landscaping you have had done.

For homeowners who are reluctant to do a traditional sewer replacement, nearly 80% of homeowners say they would pay more if it meant preserving their landscaping, there is another option. Trenchless pipe repair has been around for at least 15 years but not many homeowners know anything about it. People at Angie?s List report that nearly 80% of their members have never heard of it. It is a safe, clean and cost effective way to approach residential pipe repair.

Reasons to go with trenchless sewer replacement:

It is cheaper than a traditional sewer replacement. This kind of residential pipe repair does not include any serious digging or major pipe replacement, the entire process is a lot less expensive than traditional sewer replacement where the entire yard is excavated and the pipes are dug out. Trenchless sewer replacement ends up saving homeowners about 40%.
It is more convenient than a traditional sewer replacement. During the time of the residential pipe repair, the home is left without a sewer line. This can be incredibly inconvenient for the people living in the home. With trenchless pipe repair, the time the home has to go without a working sewer is greatly reduced. This makes the entire process much more pleasant for everyone involved.
They do not dig anything in a trenchless sewer repair. With traditional sewer replacement, the entire sewer line is dug up and replaced. This means everything between the pipes and the surface is disrupted. That includes the landscaping in the yard, any asphalt or concrete in the driveway or on the sideway. This all needs to be redone once the replacement job has been completed. This adds a lot to the cos, takes a lot of time and causes a tremendous amount of disruption in the lives of everyone who lives in the home. With the newer kind of pipe repair, only two small holes are dug on either end of whatever section of pipe is going to be replaced or repaired.
Trenchless sevwer repair prevents many future problems from developing. With a traditional sewer replacement, the pipes are left in a state where they are more likely to experience the same problem in anywhere from five to ten years. Pipes replaced with the trenchless method can last for nearly 100 years, creating another way for this to save the homeowner money. The pipes will not rust due to the resin with which they are coated. They are able to resist root intrusion, which is a key way to preventing pipe problems. The ability to keep your pipes free from debris is one reason these pipes can last as long as they do.

Sewer replacement is a more unpleasant part of owning a home but as pipes and sewers age, it becomes more and more inevitable. Pipes that are over 40 years old probably need to be replaced.

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