Server Room Cooling Why it Doesn’t Have to Be as Difficult as it Seems

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The average data center holds a vast network of servers — and each of these massive computers generates a great deal of heat in a small area. If left unattended, all this heat can result in overheating and eventual failure of your IT systems.

Because of this, it’s highly crucial that you take the necessary steps to regulate temperature and humidity within your data centers’ server rack enclosures.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution available when it comes to keeping the temperature of your server rack enclosures regulated — it’s all about determining which cooling method works best for your data center racks’ unique setup and needs. To figure out which system works best for your server racks, here are three of the most common cooling methods and systems used in data centers around the world:

Increase space between servers

In many cases, you can make your server racks significantly cooler by making some small changes. By opening up more space in your server rooms and spacing your server racks farther apart, you can help keep their temperature more regulated. The front and back of your server cabinets or enclosures should have 63% open airflow, and each server cabinet should be filled to about 75% to 80% of its full capacity. This will prevent overcrowding — and overheating.

Fan placement for ventilation

Installing fans in your server cabinets and enclosures can also help increase air circulation, keeping servers cooler. Because heat rises, a good option is installing top-mounted fans which can draw cool air up from the bottom of the server cabinet. Enclosure blowers are better for more tightly-packed server enclosures, as these are more high-capacity fans.

Air-conditioned server cabinets and enclosures

If the prior two options seem like too much work or maintenance, you should consider investing in air-conditioned enclosures for your servers that continuously monitor the temperature and humidity within. These enclosures will adjust their temperatures to keep each server at its optimal state — and you won’t have to worry about the temperature within your server rooms again.

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