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Marketing and advertising are key to any business’s campaign, and companies large and small rely on many means of sharing their message with the world. A lot of money and time is spent on market research every year, and current data shows that both physical commercial signs and digital media are effective for advertising. It may be tempting to think that the Internet and social media have made outdoor signage and commercial signs obsolete, but this is not true. Both methods are effective, and most companies take both route. And while online marketing is the domain of digital marketing agencies such as SEO firms, sign companies can provide sign installers, outdoor signs big and small, and possibly even custom lighting. The world of commercial signs is as strong as ever, and a new business may do well to invest in commercial signs on their premises to draw in the crowds.

The Power of Outdoor Business Signs

Naturally, many studies are being done to see if physical commercial signage is still effective, and the numbers are encouraging for sign companies. After all, while many people use the Internet for hours each day, people still go outside for commuting, travel, leisure, shopping, and more. While out there, they’re going to see lots of signs, and this may influence their shopping and spending decisions in all sorts of ways.

Studies confirm that a business may have 85% of its intended customers living within a five-mile radius of that business, so signs set up in that area can spread that message very efficiently, day and night. A typical person in that area may see that brand name 50 to 60 times per week, plenty of exposure. Meanwhile, it is estimated that the value of on-site signage is the same as 224 full-page newspaper ads each year, and it is believed that signs bring in half of a new business’s customers.

Consumer surveys continue this trend. Many surveyed people say that a business sign’s quality and personality probably reflect that of the business itself, so a well-built, prominent, and attractive sign is likely to inspire confidence in that brand. Thus, customers will go right into that business. By contrast, an ugly or shoddy sign may make a poor first impression and draw in few people. If the business can’t even be bothered to set up a good sign, these customers might think, they won’t bother to provide quality goods or services, either.

Billboards count, too. Many drivers report that they look at billboards as they drive, as such boards are often placed where there’s not much else to look at. These boards rent out ad space to business customers, and they may advertise local businesses, attractions, a website, or even local political candidates.

Types of Signs

There is more than one way to make or display a sign. Many signs today are made of metal, plastic, and wood, and they may have a plastic face that can be illuminated with light bulbs on the inside for nighttime viewing. Solid signs like these can be mounted right over a business’s front door, such as in a strip mall, to advertise what it is. Other signs might be even larger, and they can be placed right on top of the roof. Yet other establishments like to place a sign atop a tall pole for prominence, such as auto shops and fast food restaurants. Small shops might also have free-standing signs on the sidewalk for people to see.

Some signs are electronic. Neon signs and displays glow with different colors, and they are commonly used by establishments that see a lot of business at night, such as nightclubs, movie theaters, and bars. These displays are typically turned off at night to save power. Meanwhile, other signs may be digital screens that can be placed in a window, which may feature animated visuals to catch the eye. Others might go through a rotating slide show of different images, acting as many signs in one.

Houses of worship and high schools often feature a scrolling marquee on their grounds, a free-standing sign with lights that can create text images. Any message can be programmed in, and they may advertise upcoming events or other news for that establishment’s attendees.

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