Sewer Repair Without Disruptive Digging? Homeowners and Businesses Say “Yes!”

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Although trenchless pipe rehabilitation has been used for almost 15 years, fully three-quarters of homeowners have never heard of sewer repair methods that are “no-dig.” Historically, in the event that a newer home was still connected to an aging sewer network, homeowners could count on months of disruptive digging that could potentially destroy their gardens, garages, and even the sidewalks in front of their homes.

With the unheralded advent of trenchless drain repair
, homeowners are able to avoid the costly and unsightly digging process. Sewer lines are flushed, and an epoxy pipe lining is put into place. Typically, the diameter of the pipes is reduced by about one-quarter of an inch, allowing sewage to continue to drain. Instead of replacing cracked or aging pipes, trenchless pipe repair works from the inside out, renewing internal pipe linings.

For homeowners who desire another option for trenchless plumbing repair, “pipe bursting” is another increasingly popular option. A cable is threaded through the sewer line and a new pipe is pulled through, made from high-density polyethylene. The existing sewer line is broken and the fragments recede into the earth underground. Pipe bursting can be used to install new sewer, water, and gas lines and can work with clay, plastic, and iron pipes.

Epoxy pipe lining and pipe bursting are newer sewer repair methods, and homeowners report that they are more than willing to invest in technology that will not disrupt their landscaping and outlying structures like garages and decks. Experts recommend that homeowners whose homes were built before 1975 undertake a thorough investigation as to the current condition of their sewer systems; aging pipes can leak wastewater into the ground, and sometimes tree roots can be to blame for a sewer system in disrepair.

Although trenchless pipe repair can cost more than traditional sewer replacement methods, many homeowners report that they save money in the long run by not having to make costly repairs to their properties once sewer installations are complete. With the advent of newer technology for sewer repair, homeowners are increasingly able to choose a repair option that is minimally disruptive to their property and landscaping.

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