Should You Invest in High Temperature Bushings?


Should you be using high temperature bushings? The answer to that is it really depends on how you are using the bushings. There are several different types of bushings that fall under the high temperature bushings headings. Graphite bushings, ptfe composite bushing, carbon bearing bush, and fiber bushing material. Traditional bushings are made from rubber. Rubber bushings are a time honored proven option, but there are some clear advantages to upgrading your bushings.

This video lays out the pros and cons to choosing an upgraded high temp bushing. It is an honest review of these bushings and provides the viewer with honest answers about performance, maintenance, and more. Understanding whether this is the right choice for your bushing needs starts with watching this informative video so you can get the pros and cons. The presenter takes you through the process of maintaining these bushings.

This honest look at high temp bushings and how they can help improve your ride in a performance vehicle is exactly what you need to watch before you decide whether to upgrade your bushings. Watch now to get the information you need.

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