Soon Doctors May Be Able to Predict Heart Attacks, Thanks to New Technology

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What is the future of medical diagnosis? According to Forbes, doctors may be able to predict serious health conditions — such as heart attacks and high blood pressure — before they manifest. What is most shocking, however, is that this particular healthcare breakthrough is already in the works. Digitized systems, such as electronic health records, may make it possible.

Is Predictive Analysis The Way of the Future?

Electronic health records (EHRs) and predictive analysis software will enable doctors to quickly and efficiently scan years of medical history and relevant, health-related details. “In addition to more than 200 factors such as blood pressure, beta blocker prescriptions, and weight, it [new predictive software] combed through more than 20 million notes, uncovering nuggets of information that are not entered in a medical record’s fields,” Forbes explains. “They include the number of cigarette packs a patient smokes, the pattern of prescriptions, and how well the heart is pumping. Additional details that might have escaped a doctor’s eye include a patient’s social history, depression, and living arrangements.” Using all of the given information and analysis, doctors will be able to make diagnoses sooner — and help patients take steps to avoid conditions proactively instead of retroactively.

What is the Downside (If Any)?

Predictive technology — and electronic health records in general — may have some less desirable effects, experts add. Doctors using EHRs spend at least a third of visits staring at a computer screen, The Huffington Post reports.

There is a way to have the best of both worlds, however. Medical billing services tackle all aspects of electronic billing, including physicians billing, radiology billing, and orthopedic billing. By outsourcing these services, doctors spend less time looking at a computer screen — and more time addressing patients’ concerns.

Predictive analysis may very well change the future — and likely for the better, too. Outsourcing medical billing services frees up doctors’ time, allowing them to focus on patients and pertinent analysis. Read this for more. Visit here for more information.

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