Steel Continues to be the Most Recycled Material on Earth

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The mass production of cold rolled steel sheets are a part of many industries. From car manufacturing to commercial kitchen appliances, the use of steel suppliers across the country is very important. In fact, the statistic that the U.S. produced 82 million metric tons of steel in the year 2017 alone is an indicator of how important this industry is.
And while many people think of the construction industry when they think about cold rolled steel sheets and other similar products, the fact of the matter is these material are used in nearly every industry. From large amounts to small amounts, the use of steel sheet piles form the frames around heating and cooling systems, as well as large restroom spaces in businesses and airports around the world.

Steel Suppliers Continue to Help the Nation’s Businesses and Infrastructure Providers Grow

Back in the 1920s, which was considered the height of the American steel industry’s success, America was producing 40% of the world’s steel and iron. The production of this product continues to be an important part of the nation’s economy.
Because the steel industry is so old, it might come as a surprise that more and more young people are considering this as a career. The fact of the matter is, however, a growing number of young Americans are considering the construction jobs as they look beyond high school. In an effort to learn a trade and start earning money right away, more and more young people are entering the trade industry and avoiding the large amount of debt that they might incur if they started earning a college degree. These students then might find themselves learning about the uses and benefits of specific materials like cold rolled steel sheets and other steel industry materials.
Consider some of these facts and figures that are of growing interest to people who are considering a construction career, especially one in the steel industry:

  • 43% of all American steel shipments in the year 2016 were delivered to the construction industry.
  • 1,600 million tons of steel were produced around the world in the year 2016.
  • The four most commonly used types of metal used in the U.S. construction industry are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.
  • The U.S. is one of the top steel-producing industries in the world and currently employs more than 142,000 people.

The careers that involve the use of steel products are both wide and varied. These jobs make use of one of the most most durable and recycled products on earth.

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