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“Well maintained parking areas and sidewalks are key to attracting customers. Many people consider exterior cleanliness to be as important as interior cleanliness.” This is a quote aimed at businesses that show, in this quotation, how important it is for a business to maintain the quality of its exterior space.

Although this quote is not just for businesses (aimed at meaning not excluding other potential target audiences), it applies to them to a great extent. If a customer goes to a business that has an unkempt parking lot, with bottles strewn everywhere and spare mechanical devices just lying around, they will be less likely to go into the store.

The exterior of objects like houses and company buildings when it comes to the streets shows or reflects on how clean they keep their buildings, whether that is a house or a company. The exterior therefore shows a reflection of the interior and that can either attract a person to come in or push a person away from coming in.

To that effect, many companies are employing street sweepers to clean up their streets, as a way to further attract new customers to entering into the store or to retain current customers from leaving to a store with less messiness in the front of the store. These street sweepers are not a new invention. They have a storied history.

C.S. Bishop invented and patented the first street sweeping machine in 1849 as machines for street sweeping were first developed during the 19th century. Today, 90% of street sweeping machines in use are called mechanical broom-type sweepers that are mounted on the bodies of trucks, to sweep debris from the street.

Street sweepers have enormous benefits for a business and for a home. They have the ability to clear the area of debris and to make it look presentable for anyone that comes along. For a business owner, this means having more room for customers in the parking lot, if the parking lot had been overrun by debris.

For a house owner, that means a presentable space for visitors so that they will be interested in going inside and not turned off by the debris outside. In either case, it means making the street and surrounding areas look presentable enough for that person to think that the house or the store looks the same way.

There are a couple of statistics surrounding the street sweeping industry and the impact it has. The U.S. road and highway maintenance industry employs an estimated 134,714 people. There are an estimated 9,224 companies currently offering road maintenance services in the United States. And…

The road and highway maintenance industry generates an estimated $42 billion of revenue in the United States.

Street sweepers clear the road and area of debris and are most popular in highly-trafficked urban areas, such as downtown centers. They are useful from the standpoint of moving debris away from stormwater drains, as the clogs in stormwater drains can cause flooding across the street.

Street sweepers are also able to minimize pollutants, which can cause issues and damage to the environment. They do this by getting rid of numerous debris, including several tons of debris per year on city streets, which also minimizes pollutants in stormwater runoff. Run off pollution from roads and highways includes heavy metals and pesticides.

In fact, examples of pollutants generated in urban areas include oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from automobiles; nutrients and pesticides from turf management and gardening; viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems; road salts; and heavy metals. These can all build up on the streets and cause damage to the environment.

Road sweeping services are available from companies who make it their business to offer road sweeping services for city streets, suburban streets, parking lots, and other locations. Road sweeping services can be used for areas around businesses and homes. Road sweeping services can be used for areas possibly like parking lots as well.

There are many terms associated with road sweeping services. They include street sweeper rental, sweep trucks, street sweeping service, parking lot sweeping services, parking lot cleaning services, parking lot cleaners, and for location services, northern Virginia street sweeping, and DC commercial sweeping.

There are many others as well that require a customer to search for the answer.

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