Strong Visuals Can Help Companies Capture the Attention of Website Visitors

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We are a society that likes images. From pictures of adorable pets to industrial videos about the latest release of tools, the quality of pictures and videos is important. Sharp, high quality images help you make sure that the very first impression is a strong one. Industrial marketing services, in fact, can help companies of all sizes make sure that they have organic images that rotate through the website’s home page. Finding the right images can help a company send a strong visual message to both returning and potential customers.

Everyone knows that direct mail campaigns, catalogues, and organic content for social media posts are an important part of today’s marketing strategies. In addition, front-end consulting work, customer research, and market segmentation analysis is also important. Some would argue, however, that image quality is the most important factor in drawing people to a website. From industrial videos to the highest quality product photos, the visuals that you present on a website are the strongest memories that your online customers will have.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the impact that visuals have on the internet customers:

  • 97% of marketers indicate that video has helped increase user understanding of their service or product.
  • 81% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool, according to Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2018 Survey.
  • 48% of marketers who were surveyed indicated that they planned to add YouTube to their content distribution channels during 2018, according to a frequently cited report from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017.
  • Research indicates that a brand is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google when they use videos.
  • As an indicator of how effective videos are, research indicates that the average person watches 1.5 hours of online video in a typical day.
  • Increasing exposure and increasing traffic are the top two benefits of today’s best social media marketing strategies.

There was a time when strong organic content was enough to make sure that a company was successful. Today, however, the best websites rely on strong visual images, both strong photos and powerful videos.

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