Take Your New Product Design to the Next Level With a Die Casting Supplier

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If you are interested in getting an online product design certificate, this can help you in your product design career. With this certificate, you can work for a product engineering firm or start your own product design business. A product design and prototyping company will take on many different clients and design their products for them. These companies are highly in demand, as product design has everything to do with how well a product sells. There is no shortage of product design jobs, and the industry is only going to grow over time. Everyone takes the product design into account when deciding whether to buy a product.

Today, product design and marketing are some of the hot careers that make and break industries. A company that doesn’t get a good product design can expect to lose a fortune when its products don’t sell. That’s where the designers come in. They take a rough idea and create a full design for it that will appeal to consumers. Product design is almost a science, with a lot of data pouring into the industry from customers. If you’re good at product design, you can expect a long career in the product design industry.

In 1838, die casting equipment was invented for the printing industry. Due to having moveable type, the printing industry experienced considerable growth. Currently, however, 90% of all manufactured products use castings to produce everything from smartphones to cars and more. As a result of using die castings, auto manufacturers are able to design and construct cleaner, safer, and more efficient cars. Other industries have obviously benefitted as well.

The Types of Metals Used to Create Die Casts

Both aluminum and zinc are used to create die casts. While 80% of die cast parts are constructed out of aluminum, zinc accounts for the remaining 20%. Zinc, however, is actually the easiest metal to cast. This is because the melting range for zinc alloys ranges from 380 degrees Celsius to 290 degrees Celsius.

Zinc die casting price

The Types of Die Casting Machines

There are two different types of machines used to create die casts. There are a variety of factors that will determine which type is used to create a die cast.

The hot-chamber machine, as its name suggests, uses a molten metal bath. Cold-chamber machines, however, contain the molten metal in a cold chamber sleeve until it solidifies.

The Most Recycled Metal

It’s important to note that aluminum is considered to be the most recycled material currently on the market. In fact, almost 75% of the aluminum that has been produced in the United States continues to be used. This is because over 90% of the aluminum that is used within the automotive and construction industry is recycled when no longer in use. The automotive industry alone is responsible for recycling 100% of its die casting parts.

The Die Cast Manufacturing Industry

Die casting is a vital service that is used throughout manufacturing industry. It’s interesting to note that the companies within this industry contribute more than $8 billion to the United States’ economy on an annual basis. There are, of course, a variety of other types of businesses that utilize the services of an aluminum die casting supplier or a zinc die casting supplier.

Does your business have a new product design that needs to be die cast prior to moving on to the next phase of the manufacturing process? When you contact a zinc or aluminum die casting supplier, they will be able to assist you with taking your product to the next level.

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