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The education industry is not an exception in using customer relationship management (CRM) software to develop a competitive advantage over other establishments. This video looks at some of the best CRM for universities. With many advanced features such as predictive modeling, AI-enabled engagement, and automated scoring, Salesforce is one of the best CRM for universities.

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Hubspot is a one-stop shop that provides a simple platform to use, configure, and maintain. It provides tools for marketing, admission, and various types of student support. TargetX is comprehensive CRM software developed to assist educational institutions in managing all aspects of the student lifecycle.

Zendesk CRM for Education clarifies and streamlines the operational process, allowing educational institutions to keep an open line of communication with pupils and their families. Email, chat, the phone, and various social media platforms all count as connected communication channels.

Cloud-based educational institutions can extend their existing data initiatives, make the most of available resources, and cut overhead expenses with the assistance of NetSuite CRM, cloud-based CRM software. Your university must have a game plan regardless of which CRM platform or software it decides to use. Schedule a free trial before investing in any of the best CRM for universities.

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