The Benefits of Going to Trade School for CNC Machining

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The Great Recession shook America to its core, bringing back memories of the Great Depression some 80 years prior. During this time thousands of Americans lost their jobs due to nationwide lay offs, and subsequently, were unable to afford their mortgages, resulting in the collapse of the housing market.

While the American economy has made significant improvements in the six to eight years since the Recession began, the job market is more competitive than ever. It was once thought that a college education could allow one to land a high-paying, stable job that would flourish into a long-term career. However, this is not the case for millennials, those aged 18 to 34 who have graduated from college.

Burdened by massive amounts of student loan debt, it not uncommon for millennials to work in career fields outside of their field of study. The salary for these jobs often does not match the skill, education, or experience of the millennials working them. For example, a young college graduate with a master’s degree in philosophy may work a retail or restaurant position in order to make ends meet.

While many areas of the U.S economy and job market are still struggling to recover, the machine shop service industry continues to generate a whopping $55 billion annually, making it an attractive career field that offers both job stability and growth. As such, trade schools that offer certifications in CNC machining are an affordable option to attending college.

While enrolled in a trade or certification program, students work with the latest technology and learn how to best precision cutting tools, such as ball end mills and aluminum cutters, in order to create a variety of common tools and products. In order to successfully graduate from the program, students must master the art of using the best precision cutting tools safely and efficiently.

Graduates of trade school program, such as those offered in machining, often enjoy salaries that are comparable — if not higher — than traditional college graduates. Financing and financial aid is available, which makes the cost of attending trade school even more affordable.

While technology may have changed the revolutionized the work place and rendered certain positions obsolete, the manufacturing industry still relies on a human workforce, making it a highly sought after career field.
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