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Benefits of ada signs

Think back to your first lemonade stand or bake sale as a kid. What did you spend the most time on: making the goods, or constructing a perfectly crafted, eye-catching stand sign to promote what you were selling?

Most of you are probably thinking about that sign right now.

The fact is most of us are visual people when it comes to shopping or deciding on different service providers. With so many different options to choice from, whether it be choosing where to buy a new outfit or deciding who should build your new home, visual cues play a big role in engaging our minds and informing our decisions.

On the most basic level business signs tell the world who your company is and what it does. You probably include some sort of list of services and contact information on your signs. The main point of signage is to draw attention and make people want to visit your business. They are often the first point of contact for your business, and as such must leave a favorable impression

Studies show that without a sign, 355 of people wouldn’t even realize your business was at its location. And half of new customers claim they are attracted to businesses because of on-site signs. To tap into that market and engage customers, business must be mindful of the impression ALL their forms of signage and advertising appear to the public.

An excellent way to present an engaging, professional presence to the community is to seek the help of a professional sign company. Local sign companies, in particular, provide thoughtful, customized needs to appeal to your customer base. After all, when it comes to brick and mortal stores, 85% of customers live within a five mile radius of the business. It’s important to know what types of signs and advertising will appeal the most to your client base.

Commercial sign companies offer many services. Business can choose from traditional banners, materials for trade show displays, real estate signs, vehicle wraps, etc. Having professional signage created will increase the quantity and quality of your customers

Visions of the Future

The creation of digital signage is changing the way business present themselves and communicate with customers. Examples of digital signage include kiosks, LED message centers and electronic signs. Digital signage includes anything where multimedia or interactive advertising can be displayed. On average digital signs attract 30% more sales than traditional signs.

One of the greatest benefits of LED message centers and other forms of digital signage is the ease in which information can be updated. With digital signs, businesses can change contact information, display special offers, upload instructional videos and so many other things with a few clicks.

Whether you’re interested in a grand opening banner or installing digital message centers in your lobby, contact your local sign companies and see how they can help you develop a positive community presence. Local sign companies will help you figure out the best way to promote your business.

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