The Cold Hard Facts on Directional Drilling

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Horizontal auger boring

For individuals who don’t know about directional drilling, it can seem like one big mystery. Sometimes, it can even come off as ominous. With our environment in a clear state of crisis, the last thing we need is more precious resources being burnt off and squandered.
But is that the extent of directional boring and drilling? Here are some interesting facts about directional drilling services that might help you understand it more:

  • Directional drilling has a rich, almost century old history, and has been in existence since the 1920s as a major aspect of the oil and gas industry.
  • Directional drilling can be broken down into four main categories: utility installation directional drilling (horizontal directional drilling), surface inseam drilling, and oilfield directional drilling, and directional boring.
  • Horizontal drilling is used in instances when any particularly wellbore is at more than an 80 degree angle, and it sometimes even includes a 90 degree angle, but at that point, you are technically drilling upward.
  • Auger drilling uses a drill bit device that looks like a giant screw, and is used to get material out of drilling holes. Auger drills go as deep as 50 feet.
  • In contrast, directional drilling projects in itself are designed to penetrate deep parts of the earth, going as far as 6500 feet.
  • In the 25 year lifespan of one well, approximately 110 billion cubic feet of gas will be produced.
  • Directional and horizontal drilling equipment is predominantly used to drill underground without disturbing surrounding environments. In fact, underground power lines comprise up to 18% of all of the transmission lines in the United States.
  • While many adamantly protest the use of gas and oil and the use of directional and horizontal drilling equipment, the reality is that this is currently America’s main source of power. We are largely dependent on this energy and without it, we would be living in darkness and eating cold peas all of the time.

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