The Importance of Packaging


The packaging of what we buy is more important than many of us have ever realized. From various packaging materials like custom rigid boxes and cardboard boxes to the overall design of the packaging, how something is packaged has an impact. If custom rigid boxes are unappealing, they are less likely to sell. As a people we are hugely visual, going by our senses and what appeals to them. Aesthetically appealing packaging is one way that brands and companies can work to sell more than their competitors.

When it comes to the packaging of custom rigid boxes and cardboard, appearance is everything. While people do go into shopping experiences having some idea of what they want, if not a concrete one, the vast majority of people (around seventy percent) will make additional buying and purchase decisions while in the store itself. It is more likely than not that they purchasing decisions will be largely based on which packages caught their eye and how the packaging, like for custom rigid boxes, was able to do that. As even just the typical supermarket in the United States has upwards of two hundred thousand products readily available at any time, competition for consumers is fierce, and so the packaging that is used needs to reflect that in order to properly gain the attention of potential consumers and customers.

Premium packaging like as is found in many custom rigid boxes is also important. If packaging is noted to be particularly high quality, it will give the impression that the brand and the product are high quality as well. The impression of a high quality brand and product will lead more than half of all online shoppers to make a repeat purchase through the same company or brand name as it instills a certain level of trust within them. Particularly interesting packaging will even lead nearly half of all customers to post pictures of it to an online platform, typically a popular media site such as Instagram or, namely, Facebook. This means that the brand and company that was purchased and approved of so highly gets free advertising to what is typically a large number of people, as the majority of an individual’s social media platforms tend to be extensive.

The information that is included on packaging is hugely important as well, as it helps to inform the potential consumer and customer about the product that is inside. Custom boxes and presentation packaging that are informative are more likely to sell well with more than the eighty percent of customers who prefer extensive information on part of promotional packaging or other types of packaging, such as custom rigid boxes. This information can range from nutrition information on food products to safety information and precautions on children’s toys. Information is also likely to include instructions for use, examples of how to use the product, and pictures of the object in use (which in and of itself can provide a clear portrayal of how the product should be used).

More and more people are becoming interested in environmentally friendly packaging options as well. Environmentally friendly packaging has become more and more prevalent as the demand for it is risen. Unfortunately, traditional packaging materials tend to lead to huge waste outputs in the United States as well as around the world. If the majority of packaging could be made out of recycleable materials, an immense amount of resources could be saved, such as seven hundred gallons of water and more than forty five gallons of oil.

From custom rigid boxes to plastic clamshell packaging, there is no doubt about it that packaging is hugely important. It impacts our purchases just as it impacts the environment and we must always be conscious of packaging material choices for what they do for sells as well as how they can help to protect the environment.

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