The National Society of Accountants Ideal for Main Street Accountants

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Professional networking has long been a necessity in different industries across the board. Meeting people in your own line of work can be beneficial for many reasons, including creating strong business relationships, gaining more clients and being exposed to the knowledge and advice of more experienced practitioners. In the accounting industry, joining a professional organization can provide accountants with all of these benefits and more. The National Society of Accountants offers accountants from all over the United States an opportunity to join such an organization.

What is the NSA?

The National Society of Accountants, or NSA as it is better known, is a professional accounting organization that strives to provide members with both the educational and professional resources necessary to be successful in their line of work. This association of public accountants connects accountants from across the country to create a professional network that fosters the growth and success of its members. The NSA also encourages members to join the society of certified public accountants in the particular state in which they live and work. These close-knit state CPA societies provide valuable resources for accountants on a local basis.

How Do I Get NSA Membership and What are the Benefits of Membership?

The NSA prides itself on representing main street accountants who work independently to provide tax and financial assistance to businesses and individuals. Joining the NSA is as easy as going online to and filling out an application. Being a member of the NSA gives you access to countless resources, news and updates in the accounting world. It also gives you representation on the NSA website through its online directory, free access to fee and billing information and major member discounts to CPA software, publications and other helpful resources.

What are Some of the NSA Seminars I Can Look Forward to Attending?

The NSA offers many educational opportunities for its members, including certification courses to get you started on your accounting career. Events take place across the country with the help of state accounting societies. The Oklahoma Society of Accountants, or OSA, has OSA seminars for accountants coming up next week in Oklahoma City.Tax Speaker Business Tax in Depth will take place on September 16 and 17. Members can sign up for OSA seminars for accountants on the NSA or OSA website. Other national upcoming events include PAAK 67th National Convention, Free IRS Webinar on the Affordable Care Act and LSIA Corporation/Partnership Seminar. References:

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